ZMJA Productions was established in 1997 by Alan Scott as a graphic design company.

Since then we have expanded into a full service production company that does everything

from television and commercial projects, graphic design, web design and also TV projects produced in stereoscopic 3D formats.


In 2010 David Newbold joined as a partner to expand into the event, fair and expo markets.

The Santa Rosa Mystic Fair is just the first of many events to come in the months and years ahead.


In 2016, we retired ZMJA Productions and formed two new companies called

Mystic 360 Productions and Mystic 360 VR.


2018 "Mystic al" joined the company as our new joyful mascot in three different varieties. we also changed our main logo to blend with all of the other companies.


the other big news of 2018 is the formation of a new division, mystic 360 Music. It is too soon to talk about what this new company will bring but stay tuned!